Monday, December 04, 2006

Whats up NZ?

Been to the South Island and raced at Jentree farm(03 nats track) and Vic park Christchurch. Good to see the other half of NZ picking up the pace at the races these days. Pete Cooper and Dave Scandrett are both looking good for the junior titles along with all the usual NI Dhers in eddie, joel and Tom Oskam he could well pull one out. Thats going to be a good class to watch this summer for sure.

So Jentree being my first race back and second time on the bike didnt really know what to expect and I was quite surprised cause I wasnt acctually going too badly. Christchurch more of the same and beaten in the overall again by a grommie, that was Davo.

Was good to be back at a North Island race at Wellington. Good to see guys like Des Curry out riding his bike and even maybe enjoying it! Mavis was on it so too was Bradley Hoice and Tom Holand.

Back down to Wellington again for the Bike NZ medalists lunch to celebrate the medal winners. Yay! So flew down to wellington, Sam B, Scarlett and I met 30 other roadies to eat some finger food, get a photo taken, hear Trev Mallard speak and Fly home again. Breath taking stuff.

Thanks Bike NZ we really appreciate it!

Looking forward to the Rotorua race on the 10th of December. You gotta love the track down there! Nationals not too far away either. The count down is on and it looks like summer could well be here.

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Get ya kit out its that time of year again kids!

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