Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Maxxis Open of Spain

Race report 2 Maxxis open Port Aine, Spain

With two races to choose from last weekend one being a French cup and the other being the Spanish Maxxis open we (Skinner, Xmas, Rankin and myself) decided to head to Spain to see another part of the world, for a new track and some different competition. The race was held at Port Aine close to Andorra in the north of Spain. With some good organization, a good bike and a good weeks riding in the lead up to the event we were all confident of a worth while weekends riding. The track was good with lots of flat turns some tight at the top, a steep rocky section in the middle and a fast open last third of the course to the finish at 2000m. Practice day was dry and dusty with the track burning in nicely, blowing out in places and getting rougher. With some over night rain on the eve of race day the track conditions were no longer dusty but slick in places and grippy moist in others.

For the first race run the track had dried nicely and we all had clean runs down the hill. I was one of the first juniors down the hill on my Lahar DHVM9 and set a 3.07:5. There was then a nervous wait in the hot seat until the pinners came down the hill. I ended up winning the first race run by a second but needed a good second run to make sure I held the buffer knowing we would all go faster second time down. I was eventually kicked off the hot seat by Nathan Rankin who set a 3.07:3. Spanish Maxxis MSC rider David Vasquez won the first run on a 3.00. Second Race run was seeded from the first and I was last junior down a clean fast run gave me a 3.02 winning junior and eventually placing 6th overall. Xmas and Skinner put in good second race runs in Elite both striking some good form on the bike. Once again I was kicked off the hot seat by Rankin who set a 3.00 good for 2nd, Vasquez eventually won it with a 2.57. Can’t wait to race again in a couple of weeks and looking forward to the Mont Genevre Maxxis international in a month’s time.

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heyyy! I remember you! I've seen you in july 2006 in Morzine: "It's the bed time!" stalker! lol