Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Race Report 1 Willingen world cup and Scoul Swiss cup

Round 3 of the World Cup series saw the circus head to Willingen, Germany. The course was flat at the top with lots of big jumps meaning being smooth would pay off. The middle of the course steepened up and had rock sections on most straightaway’s built with large rocks. The end of the course opened back up again in the finish area with more jumps and fast turns. The four cross track was tight with flat and off camber turns at the top good for the non BMXers. Further down the track opened up big jumps more big jumps and a tight rhythm straight.

On the way to Willingen

Four cross on Saturday night saw a big crowd in for the night’s action. Cameron Cole the only kiwi entered in the event qualified 21st. First round Cole meets Euro BMXers and Dave Wardell. Euro BMXer and Cole go through. Second round Cole meets more Euro riders and Mick Hannah. Hannah and Euro go through Cole crashes last jump whilst in 3rd. Graves takes the win as if the Aussies aren’t dominating the gravity events already.

The second day of DH practice saw much of the top 80 to be hucking a massive hip in the middle tree section. The lahar loved the straight lines through the large rock sections, the bike just sticks to lines remarkably well. Xmas hurts his wrist hucking his metal at the top of the course making a difficult weekend even harder. The Honda boys, Kovarik and Peaty looked fast in top 80 practice. The race on Sunday saw Cole, Rankin, Holland and Leov out of the kiwis make the final. Pattle, Holland and Skinner all had bikes stolen on the eve of the race so had to borrow bikes for race day. Finals time and the kiwis weekend didn’t get any better Rankin first down the hill and a crash on the last jump left him with a hole in his elbow and a tweaked body. Holland next down clean on Hannah’s borrowed cannondale not a bad effort. Cole crashes on the hip in the mid tree section ending a not so good weekend for the NZ stormers, dented prides and sore limbs leaving Germanslochen. Peaty took a smooth win by one second on an otherwise tight time sheet from Minnaar and Atherton G.

On the way to Scoul

The first round of the Swiss cup series in Scoul saw a battered kiwi trio drive 8hrs deep into the heart of Switzerland in a roached out hatch back. The course was steep, rocky, dusty and rough by the last run of the weekend fully blown out. Claudio Calouri set the pace all weekend and eventually took the win from Allan Beggin and Sam from Switzerland. Rankin ended up 6th after some bad luck and a still sore body. Cole 13th and Xmas 24th the weekend saw some good riding and some not so good. The Lahar m9 was working brilliantly over the whooped out rocky track and tracked through rough corners with ease. Let’s hope it gets better for all of us over a weekend off to recoup and we see some new bikes arrive within the next week too keep everyone happy.

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