Thursday, May 18, 2006

The last few weeks, meetings and maggots

The last few weeks have been super busy out of H Tizle (Hamilton) with parties, night XC riding, downhill runs, meetings and organising.

Starting with the DECAF downhill race weekend and Hypnosis movie premiere/party that didnt even really happen thanks to the bars staff. The race at Maereiti was sick and well made up for the poor showing of the Hynosis DVD. The track was wet for both practice and race day but managed to dry up considerably for the race arvo. Practice day was super lairy on the wet roots causing Auckland and the Waikatos top downhillers problems left right and centre. Byron Scott being one of a handful to take numerous diggers on practice day. Open Results 1 Cameron Cole 2 Byron Scott 3 Cheyene "the comeback kid" Beaver. A huge thanks to everyone who thew a hand at the race and WIDE OPEN distrbutors, ATOMLAB and Quiet Chaos for gettin in behind the DVD. Note to MTBNZ: Kids love toilet paper for spotties!

The Cat Eye Moonride went down last weekend in Rotorua home of the 2006 world MTB Championships. A typical 12hr race took place including Hammer and Helier episodes out of the Gravity Auckland tent with Animal Arron letf shaking his head in the back ground, numerous anal old men abusing the younger generation for....trying to dig berms in front of pit areas, passing and not calling "on yer right mate" and even mad cats just trying to have fun. What the.....? AKDH team ONE 7th and AKDH team TWO 17th not bad for a bunch of PYE eaters. The carnage began.......... Off to Tom Holman and Craig Pattles leaving pary at the good Ol Echobar.

This week I picked up my new ride the Lahar DH9 and headed for the hills in Auckland for some testing and generall getting used to. Hot! I can also confirm my full race kit head to toe sponsor till the end of the 07' NZ season as FOX Racing. Cheers Sports Pro your the man!

Europe here we come....the second wave of kiwi troops to invade europe with hopefully more success than the first lot departs NZ this week. The first target the Willigen World Cup. Check out the results in a couple of weeks. 7 of NZs top male riders are taking it on including Christchuch's very own Blair Christmas.

Blair Christams

Check Back here after the Willigen WC for more updates and the inside line. Keep on it!

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