Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Factory for a weekend...

Time for an update! A busy few weeks has taken me from one side of the globe to the other and back again and April has gone off I can tell you.

The sea Otter Classic

The first week in April saw me off to the states to race at the Sea Otter Classic. It was a good chance to catch up with the other kiwi mates on the first day. With all the hand shaking that went on meeting new people, the calisis were all ready building on one hand at least. Rain all week had left the grounds around Laguna seca sodden with water and with most of the tracks being mainly flat it was going to be hard to pedal through the mud flats and bogs at the three events.

Slalom was the first event to be decided on day 3 of competition. A soft boggy mud squish was left from the oter classes who had raced earlyer in the week. Dave Wardell looked to have practice sewn up by his typical english mud style. The track dried up lots for finals where Lopes and Gracia battled it out for the win, Cederic the quicker of the two but mistakes cost the win. Cole 15th was knocked out by Barel in the second round by 0.6 of a second, Leov 13th and Kirkaldie 7th knocked out by Gracia.

On to the downhill where the previously muddy track was now mainly dry at the top but worse at the bottom beside the stream where massive ruts had developed on the mud flats(everythings bigger in the USA). Justin Leov the first kiwi to reach the bottom of the course had set a 2.57 (10th) with a small off road excursion, Frodo down on a 2.59 (12th) and Kirkaldie on a new Turner High line finishing in 3rd. Graves wins it by 5 seconds on a 2.43. 2006 lookout for the Gravey Train.

Four Cross on sunday evening was shaping up a goodin. The tack was dramaticly dryer and harder for finals thanks to Glen Jacobs (Aus) and his crew. Lopes took the win quite comfortably from Rinkerdecth? and Graves. Kiwis Leov (19th) and Cole (33rd) out early on but not by much. JK taking 9th position in a sloid effort all weekend and super consistant. His consistancy was rewarded with 3rd in Pro Omnium behind CG and Graves.


Back accross the Pacific for the New Zealand BMX Nationals at Cambridge, Easter weekend.

The track was perfect all weekend the weather was perfect the crowd was perfect all I needed was the perfect result and it would be the prefect weekend. Friday plate heats I won all my junior heats and went home a happy rider not really expecting much from the second day of Uci and Plate finals. The Uci races were won and lost on the Sturday morning. James Dixon (Aus) first in junior, 2nd Todd Pascoe (Aus) and 3rd Scott Hoskings (NZ). The Elite Uci main or body builders as you may be more familiar with saw carnage in the first turn taking down New Zealands hope in World 6 Mark Willers. Outkast Aussie Kamakazi took the win New Zealander and local Naki boy Matt Cameron rode in 3rd his best carreer result so far proving that the body building is paying off.

Later the same afternoon the NZ plate finals were run for both Junior and Elite. Mark willers was the bolter in the elites taking it super comfortably from the one and only Matt Cameron. The Junior main saw Cameron Cole out of lane one next to biggest threat Hoskings in 2. Cole gets a gate that only occurs 1 in 30 starts and takes the whole shot and never looked back. Style to the line in all classes all weekend.

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